13 January 2010


Hello... My name is Joseph Skeen... most people call me Joe, and that's fine... Joseph is cool too...

I graduated last year from Ball State University with Majors in Classical Culture and Latin, and minors in Ancient Studies and Medieval & Renaissance Studies. This is my second full semester in the MLS program at IUPUI.

As an undergraduate at Ball State, I worked in Bracken Library at the Circulation desk... I also did some time in the stacks, shelving books and such. I enjoyed working in the library, working with students, and I really enjoy the university atmosphere... so, I thought this would be a decent career for me to pursue.

Personally, I am very invested in the arts... mostly music and film, but I love all forms of art. I have played in rock bands in the past, but more recently I have been involved with the Muncie Civic Theatre. I began acting there in 2004... I have acted in 17 shows, and helped out in other ways for a few more... I recently returned from a vacation in Austin, Texas! ...great arts scenes happening there... music everywhere... art everywhere... and great food everywhere! ...loved it!

Working in some sort of art or theatre library would probably be ideal for me... otherwise, I'd like to be in an academic library... again, to be involved in the university atmosphere.

I haven't actually had a lot of time for pleasure reading for several years now... I've been very busy with school and things... I generally prefer Horror, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy... but I'm open to other genres. After I finished my undergraduate degree, I decided to dig on some Stephen King, as I had never read any of his stuff... I began with "The Gunslinger", and then couldn't stop until I had finished the entire seven book run of "The Dark Tower"! ...great books! ...great mix of genres! King often gets criticised by academics, but perhaps they are afraid to try new things? King is not. I gravitate toward things that are a bit different... "normal" stories are bland... and the real world, the everyday world can be bland enough (especially in Indiana) without reading about more bland situations. ;)

Being involved with theatre, I do enjoy reading some plays... Shakespeare, of course... though, even there, I prefer the more fantastical, or magical plays... My three favorites are "A Midsommer Night's Dreame", "Macbeth", and "The Tempest"... I also enjoy some of the "classics" (we, of course, could argue about what should be tagged with that term)... such as "Beowulf" on up through things like "The Scarlett Letter"...

I'm sure this class (along with my other two classes) will keep me busy, but I think it will be interesting!

...whatever you have, make it a good one! ;)

R. Joseph Skeen, Esq.

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